Ehsan Yadollahi

 A lullaby tells stories of motherland (25th May De Koer Gent)

About me

From Iran to the world 

Ehsan is a music composer and a Tar and Setar player. Since 2004 in Iran, Malaysia and now in Belgium, he has experienced composing and performing with different musicians and bands. Working on fusion and alternative music brought him to ​the stage of discovering more about the world music with ​SABA​​ ​(​middle eastern music​)​ and ​ASA​ ​(​Alternative Rock-Iranian music​).​​ ​But at the same time he has been exploring more on Iranian traditional music by composing on Persian contemporary/classic poetry (SAZ and Raha ensembles). ​Together with these bands, he have performed at music festivals and cultural events in Belgium, France, Holland, Malaysia and Iran. The concept of improvisation is the most important factor in his compositions. In addition, being open to world music gives him the possibility to integrate easily to other styles.

Upcoming performances 

Check out upcoming shows and enjoy our live music

25th May 2023 De Koer Gent

A lullaby tells stories of motherland

May 17th, De koer Gent

Hamdam session  


16 May 2021

Openning of de Koer Gent with ASA music

07 Dec 2019

SAZ performance at Opera house Gent

9th June 2019

Performing together with personnel orchestra of Gent University at de centrale, Gent, Belgium

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12 April 2019

Duet improvisation with Robbe Kieckens at Herberg Macharius

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29 Jan 2019

Duet Improvisation (Tar & Tonbak) at De centrale

6 Dec 2018

MuSiKa concert at MSK Museum Gent 

23 September 2018

MuSiKa concert at de centrale Gent

28 July 2018

SABA music from the middle east performs at Wolfslaar Akoestisch, Breda, the Netherlands

22 July 2018

Trefpunt Festival, gentse feesten, Gent, Belgium

18 June 2018

Concert Raha // Café Trefpunt

21 May 2018

Sufi Dance and Music at Mirror center Amsterdam, Holland

7 May 2018

Performance with SABA 


29 April 2018

Free improvisation at Dok Openning, Gent


24 March 2018

Belmundo Project, Fire Fest, music and poetry performance


1st March 2018

Belmundo Project, Minus one, Gent, Belgium 

Minus one

19 Feb 2018

Live session at Radio, Gent, Belgium

Radio Taxi

17 Dec 2017

Musika project together with Shalan Alhamwy

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23 Nov 2017

SABA at De Expeditie, Gent

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8 Oct 2017

SABA at 200 years Ugent, Gent

1 Oct 2017

Setar Meditation in Gent

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12 Aug 2017

ASA at MSK museum, Sufi dance and music, Gent

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29 Sep 2017

SABA at de Koer, drawing days, Gent

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13 Sep 2017

SAZ at Gala van de Koning Boudewijnstichting, Gent

6 Sep 2017

ASA at full_moon Babylon, Rotterdam, Holland

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2 Sep 2017

SABA at DOK, Gent

15 July 2017

SABA at artbase center in Brussels

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4 June 2017

ASA, Lille, France

27th May 2017

ASA at Zaventem cultural center 

20 May 2017

ASA at Les Goûts de Gand festival, Gent 

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16 May 2017

SABA at ENTR, de centrale, Gent

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15 April 2017

SAZ at Muziekpublique, Brussels 

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25 March 2017

ASA at Genk cultural center, Genk, Belgium

23rd March 2017

ASA at Gentse Lente, Gent

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26th Jan 2017

ASA at Herberg Macharius, Gent

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25 Nov 2016

SAZ at de centrale Gent

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23 Oct 2016

ASA at "10 jaar Wolkenbreiers" in Antwerpen

30 Sep 2016

SAZ at "10 jaar Wolkenbreiers" in Antwerpen

May 2016

ASA a live session at Radio Centraal, Antwerpen

May 2016

ASA at Kultuurfaktorij, Antwerpen

May 2016

ASA at Radio, Gent

Apr 2016

ASA at Pedrami Art Gallery, Antwerpen

Apr 2016

SAZ at Kadoc Kapel, Leuven

Apr 2016

SAZ at Pieter De Somer Aula, Leuven

Mar 2016

ASA at Nationale Bibliotheek, Brussel

Mar 2016

ASA at Hand in hand, Gent

Feb 2016

ASA at bij' de vieze gasten, Gent

Jan 2016

ASA at De Centrale, Gent

Dec 2015

SAZ at Yalda Night, Gent

Dec 2015

ASA at Huis van Heden, Gent

Oct 2015

ASA at Pangea, Leuven

Jun 2015

SAZ at Eetcafé Toreke, Gent

Feb 2015

SAZ at Bolwerk, Kortrijk

Nov 2014

SAZ at De centrale, Gent

 Jun 2014

SAZ at Zaradi Tebe festival, Gent

May 2014

SAZ at Muzikantenhuis, Gent

June 2014

SAZ at Mizrab VZW, Gent

Sep 2012

Madfest, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 


What's up carnaval, Kuala Lumpur 2012


UPM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

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