Ehsan Yadollahi
New performance at De Centrale - Gent!

About me

From Iran to the world 

I am a Tar and Setar (Iranian musical instruments) player. Since 2006 in Iran, Malaysia and now in Belgium, I had so many performances with different bands. Working on fusion and alternative music brought me last year with Iranian-Turkish music (SAZ ensemble) and this year with Iranian-Rock music (ASA ensemble) to de Centrale (Gent). I also have performed several times at music festivals and cultural events. The concept of improvisation is the most important factor in my compositions. In addition, being open to world music gives me the possibility to integrate easily to other countries' music.

Upcoming performances 

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May 2016

Radio Centraal, Antwerpen

May 2016

Kultuurfaktorij, Antwerpen

May 2016

Radio, Gent

Apr 2016

Pedrami Art Gallery, Antwerpen

Apr 2016

Kadoc Kapel, Leuven

Apr 2016

Pieter De Somer Aula, Leuven

Mar 2016

Nationale Bibliotheek, Brussel

Mar 2016

Hand in hand, Gent

Feb 2016

, bij' de vieze gasten, Gent

Jan 2016

De Centrale, Gent

Dec 2015

Yalda Night, Gent

Dec 2015

Huis van Heden, Gent

Oct 2015

Pangea, Leuven

Jun 2015

Eetcafé Toreke, Gent

Feb 2015

Bolwerk, Kortrijk

Nov 2014

De centrale, Gent

 Jun 2014

1Zaradi Tebe festival, Gent

May 2014

Muzikantenhuis, Gent


Mizrab VZW, Gent


Madfest, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 


What's up carnaval, Kuala Lumpur 2012


UPM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia