Projects and Bands


Hamdam Sessions

Hamdam (in Persian) literally means "the person who shares the same air to breath". In Iran a close friend is called Hamdam. Friends who share emotions and thoughts freely without being afraid of judgment. Using the Hamdam concept, I would like to create environments where the audience and performer are sharing emotions and thoughts without this fear of being judged and both contribute to the performance. Music is acoustic, and improvised. Listening is the most important factor in these sessions. Everybody has a chance to express their feelings and contribute to the performance.

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A lullaby tells stories of motherland

The idea of this residency is to emphasize more on similarities between people with different backgrounds rather than the differences. For this, I use lullaby as a storytelling form of music.

I would like to find musicians with different backgrounds in Brugsepoort, playing one (or more) lullabies from their home countries. Those lullabies will be learned and covered with influences from other cultures and improvisation.

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In partnership between De Centrale and MSK (Museum of Fin Arts Gent), Shalan Alhamwy and Ehsan Yadollahi compose music inspired by ten masterpieces of the collection of the museum.

The music will be recorded in 2018 into a CD as a musical audio guide of these works.

Musicians of different backgrounds and nationalities are invited to take part in the recording sessions, melding the different styles together.



This is a journey through our dreams and imaginations. A new experience for the performers and audience to hear each-other's story. Making the music more expressive by visualizing it via visual art. The whole performance is an improvisation expressing my own feelings at the moment. The visual artist illustrates the thoughts according to her own observations. The idea is to promote the art of improvisation, being at the moment of now, being honest with yourself, and open to share stories. Integration is another concept considered in this performance. To show there are no borders, boundaries, and limitations to understand each other and get connected, if everyone tells the truth.

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